Split Chicks is a work-in-progress and will be Cassie Angley’s next Solo Performance Piece.  It’s mission is to inspires audiences to heal their fractured lives.

Split Chicks is the journey of five women searching for answers in the case of their missing childhood friend, Nicola: Ricky, a sexy cocktail waitress; Susie, a bright, happy little girl; Tina, an angry teenager; Jennifer, a middle aged business woman; and Audrey, a writer.  But as they go deeper in their memories to find clues as to Nicola’s whereabouts, a mystery is unraveled about themselves that will leave them permanently changed.

Cassie started writing Split Chicks in the summer of 2001 in North Hampton, Massachusetts on a personal retreat away from New York City, her home at that time. On the morning of September 11th , 2001 when she stepped out of the subway stairwell and onto six avenue where she was destine to witness the towers exploding, she had the first 80 pages of Split Chicks nestled in her shoulder bag.  That of course is where the story of Finding the Michaels begins, and where the writing of Split Chicks paused for the next nine years as Cassie battled writer’s block.

Now with the mounting success of Finding the Michaels, Cassie has taken up her pen again, and is deep into transcribing those 80 pages into her most honest and personally revealing solo performance ever. She expects to have a completed draft ready for submissions by the end of summer 2012.

Meanwhile, under the direction of Jennifer Stuckert , this July 16th and July 30th 2012, Cassie will perform the first 20 minutes of Split Chicks, in San Francisco, at  Monday Night at The Marsh. monday.html