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“My “Top Ten” reasons you may want to go see “Finding the Michaels” this coming weekend:
10) You LOVE good theater.
9) You want to see an incredible writer acting in her own one-woman-show.
8) You want to support local art and performance.
7) You were affected by 911 in any way.
6) You’ve ever had issues with your father.
5) You’ve ever had issues with your mother.
4) You care about your lineage and have found yourself wishing you knew more about its truth.
3) You have ever been to therapy.
2) You want to experience an evening full of warmth, humor, authenticity, connection, grief, and joy.
1) You have ever felt alone – and want reassurance that you are not.”
Bobby White

“This is an amazing performance! Cassie Angley’s personal journey after the trauma of 9/11 illuminates our shared quest for connection and grace and family, especially when trust is shattered and our sense of permanence is shaken. She’s funny and engaging and inspiring in this brave and honest show. I can’t wait to see it again!” Karen Schoonmaker

“I saw this when it was at The Marsh recently I was moved to tears, shivers, goosebumps and laughter last time and I can’t wait to go see it again this time.” Shilo McCabe


During our run of  Finding the Michaels at Shotwell Studios this March we asked  audience members to fill out anonymous written surveys to share their personal reactions to the work here are some of the results.


“We all have hurts. Some are more sentinel and more profound from others, and there is a way to connect, rewrite/repair and move forward. It takes truly seeing and knowing one’s grief, and allowing the grief to heal. It is possible to heal from great loss/ grief/ sorrow. Keep doing the show its important work.”

“We all have the power to transcend.  We create our own life, one community, our family.  There is a gift even in our losses.”

“Write your own story. Seize chance for connection and for art -both are most powerful healers.”

“The power of intergenerational trauma. The strength of an individual who is commuted to healing and truth. Fantastic, I loved it! Very moved.”

“Healing yourself – being able to heal even if you don’t get what you think you need from your Mom and Dad”

“It’s important to learn about and explore the past and work at healing past hurts, and just as important to realize that we can/do make the present/future very fulfilling.”

“No matter what we are huggable and survive.  Self Talk heals.”

“We can all grow beyond our legacies.  We can all get our hugs.”


“I loved the sincerity and the openness throughout.”

“I was amazed that the many threads of time/place and character remained clear throughout.”

“Intertwining present, past, and future.”

“The gradual way in which her history is revealed to her and us.”

“Definitely the end. A beautiful conclusion and great use of Kermit.”